Pain relief, oral and dental clinic is the centre known for providing quality dental treatment, our centre is situated in posh locality of ranchi, ashok nagar. Our main focus is on conservation of oral structure as far as possible. Root canal treatment is area of specialization on which we concentrate more as this treatment saves decayed and painful teeth.

This is the clinic where you get your treatment done by modern equipments and latest technology, like replacement of missing teeth by implant. We are doing root canal treatment by latest rotary instrument with high level accuracy. We are getting negligent number of case failure in our practice.

This clinic gives you the treatment in very friendly and shoothing environment. This is stop where you get all solution of dental problems.
We believe in constantly upgrading our skill and technology so you will get latest of the industry.
Sterilization is the main factor we take care of so that no chances of cross infection.

We have specialists in every field of Dentistry, so as to take care of all your needs:

Cosmetic dentistry

procedure in your teeth done so that it enhances your beauty like bleaching, dental jewelry, crowning, laminates etc.


replacement of missing teeth is done by implant surgery. No need to touch any other teeth to fix your new teeth.


in this branch any carious painful teeth is saved by root canal treatment. Advance rotary instrument and apex locator used


anteriorly protruded or zigzag teeth are corrected by braces invisible clear aligner is used for this purpose so that no one cannot make out that you are going through any treatment.


treatment of all gum diseases is done like scaling by ultrasonic machine, gum surgery & bone grafting.



treatment of Childs dental problem, so that future permanent teeth not get affected.



missing teeth replacement done by artificial way so that your function & cosmetics don't get affected.

Oral Surgery

extraction of any painful or impacted teeth & any minor oral surgery done.

Root canal

Root canal treatment by Latest Rotary instrument With help of apex locator